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​   November 26, 1965 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


   2007 - 2009 - Seneca College           - International Marketing Certificate

   2003 - 2006 - Seneca College           - Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)

                                                             - Received Certified International Trade Professional designation (CITP)

   2001 - 2004 - Seneca College           - Import / Export Certificate (with High Honors)

   1997 - 2000 - University of Toronto - Spanish Language Certificate

   1994 - 1999 - York University          - Bachelor of Arts Degree (Dean's Honor Role)

                                                             - Political Science/International Relations

                                                             - Earned a scholarship in 1998

Past Travel

 • 1st international trip - Greece at 16 years old - hooked me on travel (1982)

  • Toured the White House while Jimmy Carter was President 

  • Lived and worked on orchards in British Columbia for a summer (1983)

  • 3 week cross-country, North American trek on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle (1988)

  • 8 day Whale Watching expedition in the Mexican Baja Peninsula (made the Channel 8 San Diego news). (1992)

  • Survived 6.1 earthquake in Taiwan on a 17 day business trip to China.  Ran part of the Great Wall of China (1996)

  • On a 4-country, South American business trip, slept in a storage room in Machu Picchu, Peru (1997)

  • Brought in the new Millenium in a kilt at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland (1999 / 2000)

  • Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa at 5895 m/19,341 ft. in Tanzania (2001) 

  • Serengeti safari in Africa...saw the Big 5 animals (2001)

  • "Walked on Fire" at a Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" weekend...Newark/New York City (2002)

  • Scuba-dived the Great Barrier Reef Australia (2002)

  • Followed in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway in Havana, Cuba while hoping to run into Fidel Castro. (2003)

  • 3 Day Camel Safari in the Great Thar Desert in India...came within 150 kms of the Pakistani border when tensions were high.  

    Had palm read by an Indian mystic at the Pushkar Camel Festival. (2004)

  • Hung out with Buddhist monks in Laos (2005)

  • Rode a motorcycle through the rice fields in Vietnam. Went to the Hanoi Hilton (prison). (2005)

  • Roamed the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia. (2005)

  • Stepped foot into North Korea at Panmunjom (2005)

  • Drove through the countryside of Ireland and Northern Ireland with an uncomfortably large sum of cash (2006)

  • Battled monkeys in Gibraltar after walking across an active international airport runway (2006)

  • Experienced the worst street traffic in the world in Moscow, Russia (2006)

  • Ran with the bulls - Pamplona, Spain (2006)

  • Celebrated my 41st birthday riding a horse in a snowmobile suit through volcanic icefields.  Had my first experience with the aurora

    borealis that evening. Iceland (2006)

  • Having done over 200 flights and hundreds of thousands of miles I finally missed my first flight... Istanbul, Turkey to London, England (2006)

  • Spent a couple of days at Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland (2007)

  • Took an overnight train from Minsk, Belarus to Kiev, Ukraine... The most isolated I have ever felt.  Had a chance to go to Chernobyl

    but passed. (2007)

  • First trip to the Middle East - dune bashing in 4x4's in the United Arab Emirates (2007)

  • 4x4ing over High Atlas mountains and camel trekking in the desert, Morocco (2007)

  • Paraglided off Mont Blanc - Swiss/France/Italian Alps (2007)

  • Roamed the war-torn streets of Sarajevo in Bosnia.  Stood in the bombed out bobsled run from the 1980 Winter Olympics (2007)

  • Deep Sea fishing in Tasman Sea off Australia (2007)

  • Elephant trekking through Indonesian jungle (2007)

  • Slept in underground hotel in Coober Pedy (opal capital of the world), Australia (2007)

  • Almost drowned white water rafting - Ottawa, Canada (2008)

  • Swam in the longest river of the world - The Nile in Egypt.  Climbed Mount Sinai...in the steps of Moses where he received the

   10 Commandments (2009)

  • Swam in the Dead Sea on the Jordanian side. (2009)

  • Scuba dived second largest coral reef, Belize (2010)

  • Para-sailed in Grand Cayman Island (2010)

  • Had first ever fish caught deep sea fishing stolen - 12 LB bluefin tuna, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (2010)

  • Trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp.  Climbed a significant Himalayan mountain - Island Peak to the summit 6189m / 20,305 ft. Survived

    second earthquake - 26 killed in Kathmandu, Nepal in the district I was in the day before.  (2011)

  • Extreme ziplining in Costa Rica...last of 13 routes was 1 km long that reached speed of 60 kms per hour.  (2012)

  • Went to the city that gave birth to 3 major religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) Jerusalem, Israel (2013)

  • Completed World's Toughest Marathon, The North Pole Marathon, in 12 hrs 39 min 28 sec. Only the 14th Canadian to have ever crossed the  

    finish line. Temp: -30c  (2014)

  • Experienced third earthquake - Northern Greece (2015)

  • Visited last divided city - Nicosia, Cyprus (2015)

  • Hot air ballooning over the Cappadoccia region of Turkey (2015)